Zombie Haters APK Description

The attack of Zombie Haters apk game character is very characteristic. The single-point soldier hits the boss output high. The dancing king of the shotgun is very effective against the zombie group. The nurse's electric shock does not need to consider the zombie position. The blood can not be added to himself. There must be two nurses who are milking each other. The sniper attacks a long distance. You can use this to determine which direction to come to the zombies, avoid falling into the trapped state, and add attack speed, group damage and don't worry about penetration. As well as the upgraded version of the double machine guns, etc., it can be said that it is quite rich and worth playing.

The preparation interface before the game can also play zombies can add money, although it is rare but a little interesting. The more powerful the character behind, the more expensive the upgrade, and the higher the return from the upgrade, so it is recommended to start the new game every time there is a new role, and occasionally consider the boss may need to add monomer damage.