Zombie Age 3 Premium: Rules of Survival APK Description

The city was besieged by zombies and took up arms to destroy the zombies. The picture is particularly bloody, afraid of bloody and timid, and every time the zombies are destroyed, they are beaten and broken, and a large pool of blood is bursting. The teeth can also be seen in the blood.

Weapons organic guns, pistols and hammers. You can start a battle by picking up a mission, and the different mission levels and difficulty are different. The starting point is switched to a machine gun because of its power and fast rate of fire. There are a lot of bullets, and when you run out of it, the hammer can come in handy. Be careful not to get too close to the zombies, so the zombies will bite you, and it is not easy to hit. Some zombies will suddenly come out from the ground and feel that there is no regularity. Seeing that the plane is coming, you have to stand in the designated circle, or there will always be zombies coming out! There will be penalties for the failure of the mission, reducing one grenade, which takes time to recover, one ten minutes, and you can continue to fight when you run out, you can take a break and wait for recovery.