Vikings: an Archer's Journey APK Description

Vikings:an Archer's Journey apk is a Vikings action adventure game. The game scene is clean and elegant. Players can't help but immerse themselves in the snow and ice world. The falling snow and the snow flakes that the character runs through in the snow It is like a beautiful painting.

In the game, the player needs to pull a bow to shoot while jumping to avoid dangerous traps. Each player will have a quest. The quest can be rewarded. As the player continues to destroy the monster, other more advanced characters can be used. Strong ability, as the game continues to advance the monster's ability, will continue to increase, they will no longer wait for the silly as before the player, but began to learn to take the initiative to attack, learn to move forward, learn to attack remotely, even the body type It also starts to get smaller, making it harder for the player to shoot, and the blood volume is also getting thicker and thicker. It starts to stagger with one stone, so the more powerful the enemy is, the better your shooting level will be.