Turbo Dismount APK Description

Turbo Dismount apk is a vent racing game. The image quality of the game is very refined, it feels like a cartoon, the model of the car is also very cute, and the whole picture is very smooth when the car is running on the road. The map inside the game is very large and more ambitious.

The background music of the game is slow and leisurely. In the game, a specific sound effect is made for each collision. The sound part is very awesome, and the character will fly with screaming sound effects.

In the game, we can control only the racing route and the starting speed of the car, as well as some actions such as the driver. The more miserable it is, the higher the score. There are a few tricks to play with this game. Note that, first of all, do not let the car go straight on the racing route. The chance of collision is too low. Changing the route to a curve can increase the probability of an impact. Then the driver’s actions are best to extend the vehicle as far as possible, so that it is easier to crash the person. Then start the train and start again when the intensity is high, so that the collision distance will be far. The vehicle model should be chosen as large as possible so that it can easily collide.