TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight APK Description

TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight apk game has a large number of long-range weapons such as laser cannons, beam machine guns, missiles, etc. Players will be able to attack the enemy while maintaining a certain position through long-range strikes, while the game's close combat system is also the same. Excellent, the player's excellent sense of hitting also ensures that players can experience the feeling of punching to the flesh.

The dodge mechanism in the game is also worthy of praise. In the game, as long as the avoidance skills are used reasonably, the distance between the two sides can be re-drawn to the range of melee attacks, but the pre-judgment and the position are tested.

Many of the skills in the game are based on different poses such as the shape of the car/human form. For example, after Optimus has turned into a truck, it will get a forward sprint, and Starscream will be a fighter, giving the enemy air from the air. A fatal blow.