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Toca Life: School APK Description

Toca Life: School apk is a children's game, cute style, vivid sound effects, exquisite scenery, cute characters, make this game can be loved by many people. However, personal favorite is still built-in screen recording function.

The older you grow, the more you miss your childhood school days. It is a pity that no matter how we miss it, we cannot be rejuvenated. However, with the help of the game, it is still possible to remember the campus time.

Whether it is a child or a child with a strong show performance, it can have a big stage and can directly use six places (including houses, canteens, school buildings, youth clubs, playgrounds, and storage rooms). , 34 personal characters, rehearsing a wonderful campus mini-series.

Because many items and characters inside the game can be dragged and interacted with by players, the characters' clothes can also be replaced. This makes the game more playful than the average house game. Children with small children or small friends with childlike innocence can consider playing.