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Toca Life: City APK Description

Toca Life: City apk is a city theme puzzle casual game. Players can experience the fun brought by urban life in the game. They can experience life in the game and let the children experience life. It is very interesting!

There is no super-transvestitement experience in real life, entertainment life and daily life of communication activities, full cartoon sense of the screen style, along with pleasant music, the little girl living a leisurely life in their own cities. Every day is an infinite joy, you can completely see the mood to do things, you want to change the hairstyle to do it, hair salon, you choose. For a cup of petty life afternoon tea, invite your partners to eat, drink, and drink in the magical food park. The new style is gorgeous every day, you can cultivate flowers and plants, you can also adopt pets to pass the time. There are surprises in any corner, come find small gifts.

With a whimsy way of life, you will be the only master in the game. You can live your daily life arbitrarily, go anywhere, and you have your own home and life. Xiao Bian thinks that the game can allow players to fully exert their imagination and release their inner desires in their own world. There is no time limit and it belongs to the small world of players.