Tiny Bubbles APK Description

Tiny Bubbles apk has excellent picture quality and music design. The gameplay is fun and can satisfy most puzzle game enthusiasts. The background music in the game is very atmospheric, and the immersion is good. The sound of the bubble bursting in the game is also very crisp.

There are many chapters in the game, each chapter has a variety of puzzles to solve, and the game also has an infinite mode for those who like the challenge. There is a small goal in each level and you need to complete them before the game is over. Some of the goals are pure customs clearance, and some are filled with bubbles to fill the designated area. In order to increase the difficulty of the game, you have limited number of actions per level. However, there is no time limit for the game, there will be no rating after the customs clearance, so there is no sense of urgency to play.