This Is the Police 2 APK Description

This is a mix of adventure and management strategies, including the strategy and tactics of the game. Not only to manage the equipment of the police, but also to train their personal skills. Each challenge in the game requires the direct participation of the player, and the achievement of the mission depends on the various decisions made by the player.

In the plot, he took over a generation of "This Is the Police". Through the novice tutorial, he told the player that the protagonist was deceived before, and had to hide his name. The director of the local police station died because of the public sacrifice. The protagonist was the director of the police station.

It is very "real" to find all kinds of reasons in the game without coming to work and going out. It’s just a lot of pains to ensure that all the police are picked up every day. When you encounter a high-ranking policeman and need to use a large number of police officers to make up the number, there are some reasons for not being willing to team up with people with certain characteristics. The number of stars is not enough to get out of the police, and those who are going to come back for a few hours, are unwilling to come to work continuously, find various reasons to escape the work, drink alcohol during work, and so on...