The Secret of Grisly Manor APK Description

The Secret of Grisly Manor apk is a casual puzzle game.

In the game, your grandfather used to be a weird but very good construction engineer. He will immerse himself in his work and come up with some wonderful ideas and inventions. And you therefore have a reverence for your grandfather. And after many years, you received a box with a letter and a photo of a mysterious manor. In the letter, your grandfather said that in the manor in the photo, there will be something that will surprise you to discover.

When you arrived at the manor on a rainy night with a dark lightning, it was discovered that the manor was empty! Your grandfather is not in the manor, but he is everywhere. The game will explore this mysterious and strange manor as the main line, combining various forms of puzzles and different clues to connect the plots. Let the player experience a gripping adventure. Under the beautiful picture of the game, many mysterious mysteries are hidden. Empty manor, various mysterious institutions and puzzles in the manor. The music style of the game is very different, and the various sound effects are very tense, such as the footsteps when going up the stairs, or the squeaking sound of pushing the door open. All of this makes the game full of a bizarre but tempting unique atmosphere.