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The Escapists 2 APK Description

The Escapists 2 apk A survival adventure game full of "hope", players need to have a good relationship with the surrounding prisoners, use all resources and items to get the items needed for jailbreak, but also be on guard against inspections of prison guards and contraband inspections. The device is installed so as not to be found after the jailbreak is detected.

The prison in the game is very similar to the prison you know. You must complete your daily diet, exercise, name, and make the most of the rest of the time. Collect items to plan your escape plan.

Each prison has its own unique timetable, and the prisoners need to follow this schedule strictly. There are strict rules and regulations for sleeping, getting up, eating, working, and free activities. All prison guards will strictly monitor what the prisoner should do during that time. If the prisoner does not abide by the rules of the prison and does not follow the timetable, the overall alert level of the prison will increase, and the number of prison guards who carry out supervision work will increase. After reaching a certain level, the police dog who will sniff out the contraband of the prisoner will be dispatched. .

Every jailbreak requires players to pre-customize well-planned plans. A successful escaper must always consider all factors: the patrol range of the prison guards, the environmental topography of the prison, the prison schedule, and sometimes even forced labor. I can also find a way out in the factory.