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The Deer God APK Description

The Deer God apk is an action adventure game. The game scene is charming, with excellent visual effects and a very wonderful mood. The 3D picture created with the pixel style and the tranquil scene of the sun and the night will make the game as a dream.

The game tells of a hunter who turned into a deer because of an accident. In order to return to humanity again, he embarked on the path of searching for "deer" and survived in the wilderness.

During the journey, players need to use their wisdom and magic to solve a series of puzzles along the way, fight other wild animals, even fall in love with charming doe and give birth to the deer. The deer will always follow players until they feel bored or players After the death, of course, they will reincarnate to these deer, and they will continue to live from generation to generation.

The game not only has interesting tasks, a wealth of organ traps, as well as a very difficult boss battle, there are some eye-catching details of interaction.