Survivalcraft 2 APK Description

Animals in the game have familiar ducks, wolves and bears. The main addition to this creature is the ocean floor. The richness of the underwater world is not only an expansion of space but also the addition of four new creatures, sea urchin, starfish, seagrass and seaweed.

Seagrass and seaweed grow mainly in the deep sea, and we have less contact in peacetime games. While sea urchins and starfish often appear in shallow waters, sea stars can be used to decorate our homes. Sea urchins can be used for food and are a few more useful creatures in new creatures. The black bison has been added to the land. Do you know if you have found it?

In addition to the underwater world and the richness of creatures, the most updated content of this book is the addition of a furniture production-related system. We can use hammers to define the proportions of furniture we make and decorate our homes by making furniture ourselves. Smarter homes, etc., are a very interesting gameplay.