Stupid Zombies 3 APK Description

Stupid Zombies 3 is a physical shooting game. In the game, we can attack the enemy by clicking on the screen. This is relatively simple. It should be noted that we will click the dotted line after clicking, which is our bullet. Track, a very important choice.

We can see a lot of characters appear in the game, the main thing is to attack the enemy, this aspect is relatively simple, the player needs to be based on the zombie attribute we want to destroy.

Using refraction to get high scores, this is the key to scoring in the game, players must quickly eliminate the enemy, in order to get a lot of equipment assistance.

With the help of props, we can choose the help of some props in the game. This is also a relatively simple prop, and the player must pay more attention to it in the game.

The gameplay and control of the game are actually relatively simple. We can eliminate the enemy as long as we refract. It is very important to pay attention to the number of bullets.