Sprinkle Islands 2 APK Description

This is a casual physics game. The game tells us that in the not-too-distant future, a garbage-cleaning spacecraft from the Earth has derailed. The burning garbage has fallen on a beautiful island. The village is on fire because of the burning garbage. They urgently need our help! Hundreds of thousands of fires, immediately enter the game to play firefighters, put out the fire!

The color of the game is very fresh and beautiful, which makes people feel delicate, especially the fire water gun and the sea water have very realistic effects. The sound effects are also very detailed. For example, the first scene is on the small island by the sea. The sounds of various sea breeze and waves are very distinctive. The sound of fire water gun spray and the extinguishing of the sparks also give people the feeling of visiting the fire-fighting scene.

The operation of the game is very simple and easy to understand, slide the screen up and down to adjust the position of the water gun, click the red button in the lower right corner to spray water. All the way to go forward, the sparks seen can be extinguished and you can pass the customs smoothly. The remaining amount of water will be displayed on the right side of the screen, based on the scale of the remaining water volume or by passing the evaluation and score. If the water is used up or the fire-fighting task is not completed within a limited time, it will fail.

The clever level setting makes this game a lot more playable, and it is also one of the features of this work. There are various obstacles or mechanisms in the game, such as lifts, suspension bridges, stones, ice cubes, and so on. Players need to take advantage of the physical properties of the water to perform a variety of seemingly impossible tasks, such as smashing stones with a water gun to impact the elevator's switches.