Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy APK Description

Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy apk game is made with a 3D engine. We will enter a blue sky. Players will fly in the air using a third-person view, but this time it is not a civil aircraft, but an army. Super fighter.

The game uses a simulated real-world representation. Whether it's the sky, the sea, the land, or the plane we are driving, it's modeled on the real world. When flying in the sky, you can see the air flow from the tail. The feeling of soaring freedom is very enjoyable.

The reason why pilots are not good, in addition to their physical quality conditions, the ability to respond to people and intelligence also need to be more stringent, think about the number of buttons on the plane, if the reaction is not coming, then it is not an accident. The game adopts dual control methods of gravity sensing and remote sensing. The gravity sensing can control the angular shift of the aircraft up and down and left and right. The rocker in the lower left corner of the screen can control the acceleration, deceleration, and left and right steering of the aircraft. Although it sounds simple, it really Control is not easy, like Xiaobian, it will start dizziness after two turns, then it is not good.

Of course, we are driving fighters this time, so the battle process is the focus. After we enter the battle, there will be three buttons on the right side of the screen, namely normal attack and missile attack, etc. Players are free to choose the attack mode, but The missile series is limited in number, so everyone has to distribute it themselves. The dominance of fighters in the air is understandable, but in the face of real wars, how to flexibly control the flight path of the aircraft, and the precise use of weapon attacks, these are the places that players have to learn, and of course they can let players feel Real air battle.