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Sky Force 2014 APK Description

Sky Force 2014 is a flying shooting game. Players need to control the aircraft to eliminate enemies that invade all around, and also collect various stars in the screen. The gameplay is simple and straightforward.

Players use the sliding screen to control the automatic firing of the aircraft during the game, simple and easy to use. In addition to attacking the enemy, the player needs to pay constant attention to the friendly forces trapped on the ground. For example, when a person appears glowing in the map, we will move the aircraft to Next, after a few seconds, they can be rewarded for their rescue. However, when saving human beings, they should pay attention to the surrounding enemy planes. A little carelessness will be attacked by the enemy.

The background spans a variety of environments such as oceans, cities, and forests. The three-dimensional effect is handled very well, and people feel as though they are on the ground. This work is very hard on the screen, from the entire background of the environment settings, to color matching, light and dark overlay, light effects, and a series of screens are processed in a well-organized manner, revealing a fresh and bright, heavy ink re-staining, people can at a glance Was attracted by its picture.