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Shooty Skies APK Description

Shooty Skies apk is a cool flying shooting game with pixel-style graphics, multiple optional characters, and a wealth of enhanced gear.

In the content of the battle, the enemies and artillery fires are more exciting, and the cats, dogs, dogs, even arcades, televisions, monitors, etc. will become your target of attack, and the fireworks they fire can be Kitchen knives, banknotes, and even a large wave of trucks, although the type and the "cross the road every day" came a 180-degree change, but the characteristics of funny non-sense still do not change.

The game does not divide the level, as long as the strength is too strong, you can hit a dozen or even higher, of course, the enemy you encounter will become more and more difficult to deal with. Along the way, we can pick up the artillery reinforcement props and the companion summoning props, but we don't provide the props that can be used independently. The difficulty is comprehensively in the middle and upper level. It is very good for the newcomers to stick to the third level.