Rush Rally 2 APK Description

Rush Rally 2 apk is a racing game with endurance and technology. Passionate music has a high degree of fit with the theme of the car, and the roar of the engine and the friction of the tires are all true enough when driving. The cheers of the audience gave the players a good sense of driving.

The game distributes the levels among the top 7 countries in the world. There are 72 stages that can make players arrogant, from asphalt road to gravel road, and even Pikes Peak International Mountain Climb to wait for your challenge! But need Note that this is a serious damage to the vehicle. It also adds damage to the vehicle. Whenever there is any collision in your vehicle, it will be damaged. The upper right corner of the screen will be clearly displayed to the player. When a part turns red, it means that it has been completely broken. In particular, the damage of the tire should be the biggest for the player, and it is easy to run off, so everyone must drive safely.