Pixel Heroes : Battle Royal APK Description

Pixel Heroes : Battle Royal apk In the game, players will play a variety of fierce and powerful heroes, use fists and skills to knock down opponents to win, while enjoying different cool finishing skills! Defeat your opponent to collect gold coins and unlock all powerful and novel characters. Defend your enemies in the pixel world and become the strongest hero!

The game provides players with dozens of different heroes. According to the hero level, their overall attributes are also different. In general, they include three major attributes: attack power, moving speed, and blood volume. The higher the level, the higher the level. The higher.

Some high-level heroes in the game have very exaggerated skill effects, which have a chance to cause continuous damage to the enemy and increase power when fighting. The emergence of heroic attributes and skills also motivates players to take risks.

The game adopts the model of endless challenge. After we choose the hero, we will meet the endless challenge. Every time we defeat the enemy, there will be new enemies, and the ability is more powerful. Players can only challenge until they fail. until. The challenge process of the game is going forward, unable to retreat or stop midway, go to the front of the assault, go to the battle again and again, find ways to make yourself stronger, overcome more opponents, become the strongest king in the game.