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Pavilion: Touch Edition APK Description

Pavilion: Touch Edition will give players a unique perspective and a unique sense of gaming experience. The game's detailed picture and sound design and the touch of light and shadow are also worth playing.

Entering the game, we will be attracted by this surreal dream-like space, and these seemingly three-dimensional scenes are all entirely hand-painted, both light and shadow and the details of the environment are very beautiful.

The gameplay is very simple, the player needs to explore and observe, and interact with the game characters through the control environment to guide the character to complete the task autonomously. For example, tapping a bell moves the character to the bell. Push the box and open the way for the characters. The game is designed with a series of differentiated levels that can be targeted to get items or open the organization.

The background music of the game is very beautiful. Different levels and scenes will change the music. The character seems to be like a ignorant and ignorant existence. The player obviously seems to be a god, let the character be unknown. In the case of being led.