Paint Pop 3D APK Description

The paint screen of Paint Pop 3D apk is very simple and the color matching is very good. After selecting a cute character, the player throws a color pinball onto a far disc, and the portion of the disc hit by the colored pinball becomes the color of the pinball.

Players can also exercise the player's reaction ability through this game. After the player controls the character to throw the pinball, if there is no color in the place where the player is thrown, the color of the pinball will be dyed; if the player hits the star, the player can get extra reward. .

The game offers a lot of cute cartoon styles for players to choose from, witches, bees, chicks, crabs, ghosts, etc., suitable for players of all ages. In addition, easy to click to play the game is also the biggest feature of this threshold very low mobile game, in addition, more than 1000 different game levels, is also the fun of the game.