Nonstop Knight - Idle RPG APK Description

Nonstop Knight - Idle RPG apk is a dungeon adventure game in which players gain equipment and level upgrades by killing monsters and Boss. Each level needs to kill 20 monsters to enter the next level. There will be a Boss every third layer. Only the player who kills the Boss can enter the next layer.

The mob kill will only drop gold coins and traces of experience, while the Boss kill can get a lot of experience, money, and a drop of random equipment treasure chest.

The use of gold coins in the game can only be used for equipment upgrades. There are three equipment slots in the game, namely weapons, armor and cloak, which represent the physical damage, blood volume and skill damage of the character, respectively. The attributes of the equipment will also increase.

When the character level is increased, the equipment treasure chest or a small amount of crystal will be randomly dropped, and as the level increases, the skill and skill runes will also be unlocked.