Neighbours from Hell 1 APK Description

Neighbours from Hell 1 apk game, you will be incarnate as a boy, participate in the reality show recording, is the old man who is grotesque and loves to disturb others. You will travel to the neighbor's house and use as many props as possible during the specified recording time to make the neighbor ugly.

The game screen continues the usual weird style, but overall it is very delicate, and the details of the game that can be explored are also very rich. At the same time, the game uses a horizontal view, and the neighbor's every move can't escape your eyes.

The game operation is very simple, you can easily master the various operations after learning through the introductory teaching. You can click on any location to control the character to move, or you can click on the target location directly. If you can see a place where you can find a cupboard, a refrigerator, etc., don't miss it. It is very likely that there are hidden props to help you tidy up your neighbors.