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Motorsport Manager 2 APK Description

Motorsport Manager 2 apk is a new and interesting simulation business game. In the game, players will become the manager of the racing club to manage their club. All the plans and plans need to be implemented.

In the game, two different game modes are prepared for the player, namely the career mode and the single-game mode. In the previous game, the player will set up the team from scratch as a manager of the team, and through continuous efforts, the team will grow and develop. In the early days of the game, the players participate in the competition is still relatively low-level, as the results are getting better and better, the player will finally get the opportunity to participate in the global championship, and finally stand at the top of the world through the one-stop competition, become the strongest The team, but this is not something that can be done overnight. Players need to form a team, develop their own cars, hire drivers, and sometimes even sign up for sponsorship or negotiate contracts with team members.