Modern Combat 5 APK Description

Modern Combat 5 game graphics, sound effects and special effects can be said to be stunning enough.

In the first chapter, the players will realize underwater diving, frontal conflict, and shocking water chase. Whether it is the tension caused by the distortion of sight caused by the refraction of light in the underwater, or the dewdrop of instant goggles in the water. Whether it is running, shooting, wrestling, or sprinting and precise aiming for headshots in short-to-back combat, whether it is the intense stimulation of the water chasing the enemy after chasing me, or when driving a motorboat in a Venice water city to detonate a plane. It's very realistic to do it.

The types of arms introduced in the game: assaulters, assaulters, snipers, or scouts, combined with the special effects of each unit and the types of weapons that are good at using them, can play different roles in the single player mode or multiplayer mode. In addition, such as some sniper bullet control, arms upgrades, gun remodeling, and so on, the players have something to do.