Minecraft: Story Mode 2 APK Description

In the stories I have always liked, heroes do not know that they are destined to be great. They just live their lives and think that nothing exciting will happen to them.

The hero in this story is this type. They were just a group of good friends in the tree house and looked at the idols in front of them. But when disaster strikes and evil monsters threaten to destroy the entire world, these friends have discovered that heroes are also from the most ordinary people. They traveled all over the world and fought against the monster. They faced numerous obstacles and paid a heavy price for each step. This is not easy, but they have always supported each other. Finally, they worked together to defeat the monster and save everyone.

Soon, they became the most famous people in the world. As they explore more of the world and venture into bigger unknowns, their legends and their reputations continue to increase.

This is how the five best friends, and one of the bravest pigs, became the world's greatest heroes and was recorded in history.