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Mental Hospital 4 HD APK Description

The story of Mental Hospital 4 HD apk game is followed by the story of "Mental Hospital 3". The protagonist is lying in the bed at home, and the phone rang. When he was asleep, he was awakened and he was struggling. After I got up, I found my mobile phone and found that it was a phone call from a stranger. The stranger on the phone told the protagonist that she knew a lot more details about the whole incident, but it was not convenient to disclose on the phone, only face-to-face communication. No way, the protagonist can only go alone, and it is already midnight after arriving at the destination. The entire mental hospital is shrouded in a strange atmosphere.

The picture design in the game is still very beautiful. Due to the type setting, the overall picture is still relatively dark, especially when it is outdoors, and it can make people feel the horror atmosphere when the interior is brightly lit. Especially when I just got up, because the protagonist hasn't woken up yet, the whole picture is a bit fuzzy, and these details are enough to reflect the developer's intention and meticulousness. In terms of sound, the environmental sound is still in place, the crows of the crows, the snoring of the ghost dog, etc., and the players can all get their ears, and according to the position of the protagonist, the sound heard by the player is also There will be changes in the sound, Xiaobian here is recommended to wear headphones to experience.