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Lords Mobile: Battle of the Empires APK Description

Lords Mobile: Battle of the Empires apk is a war strategy game. Each battle in the game is displayed in front of the player in the form of a national war. The excellent combat performance not only makes the players boil, but also allows the players to more intuitively recognize the shortcomings of their formations, and facilitate the players to optimize themselves. Lineup.

The background music of the game is mostly stimulating, as if urging the players to go forward, with a variety of just the right sound effects, giving the player a strong sense of mission, but also brings a certain sense of refreshment to the players.

There are a variety of heroes in the game for players to drive. As a power hero of the tank, as an agile hero of physical output and as an intellectual hero of spell output and healing, each hero has its own unique skills and attack styles, which can be used by players in any combination. Of course, the player also needs to consider the strategy of the arms in the game. In the arms, it is divided into four categories: infantry, cavalry, archers and catapults. The first three are in phase, and the catapult can be a miracle in the siege. .

There are not many types of soldiers in the game, and the difference between each unit is more manifested in the different quantities of the arms. Players can detect opponents before the war, and then adjust the number of each unit according to the situation, in order to obtain a greater advantage.