Let's Create! Pottery APK Description

Let's Create! Pottery is a pottery-making game where players return to a small artist to make their own designs of pottery, which are then sold on the market. The gold coins obtained can be exchanged for characteristic patterns.

The background of the game is extremely simple, and it is very simple and fuzzy and fresh and refreshing game background can highlight the personality of the players making ceramic art. The green blurry background makes people feel good and relax. The color of the simulated clay pot reflects the trueness of the game. Different patterns on the clay pots are also exquisite and delicate. The overall picture scene is a refreshing style, with no complicated objects preventing players from playing.

The game is easy to operate. Just swipe the screen with your finger to operate the game. The games are all in Chinese. After the game is finished, click to burn. It is easy to understand. It is mainly the players who have to use their brains to create artworks. After completing the bottles and jars, they can get the gold coins from the shops. They can exchange Chinese patterns, European styles, indigenous styles, ancient European styles and other patterns to better help you build. More perfect pottery.

The game has two modes, a free mode and an order mode. Freedom mode is to let players play their artistic talents freely, make their favorite bottles and cans, and create unlimited creativity. The order model is relatively difficult, the game will give a picture, need the player to make a clay pot out of the picture, there is a certain degree of difficulty, like the challenge of the player or you can try it, do more like a higher score.

In today's fast-paced urban life, people are very nervous. Clay sculpture can achieve relaxation, peace of mind, and stress relief. Players can release their artistic talent in the game calmly, a playful relaxation game.