I Love Hue APK Description

This is a color-themed casual puzzle game. In this game, we have to sort the squares of different colors according to the color tone, so that the number of color blocks in the palette will also increase. They will form a well-ordered spectrum. A friend who wants to be visually quiet is a good choice.

In this game we can perceive: creating order from chaos, learning to see the smallest difference between similar colors, immersed in the quiet world of color and light. These are all known from this game. There are 250 puzzle levels, and you can compare your performance to the world average. If you are taller, you can unlock achievements.

The style is simple, the color is warm, warm and comfortable, fully displaying the color and the side of perception. It belongs to a kind of art work that is aesthetically pleasing and can be played. The music is also very comfortable and soothing.