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Human: Fall Flat APK Description

Human: Fall Flat apk is a casual puzzle game where players explore the methods of decryption in the game and the realities of life to take risks. Whether or not they can pass customs depends entirely on the wisdom and knowledge of the players.

In the game, the protagonist is designed as a plasticine-like doll, and the reaction is not very fast, and the white man with weak athletic ability can reach the end of the level, which is the biggest key of this game, before and after solving the puzzle. The game is different. It used to be based on clues to make speculative judgments. The key to this puzzle game is to control the puzzle. The feeling of operation is more inclined to the players' perception. And because the actual action is correct, there are various ways to reach the end, not just a way of customs clearance.

The most attractive thing in the game is that every design concept in the game and the movements of the characters are almost the same as the reality. Although there are some incomprehensible aspects, in general, and the people who operate a reality let it carry out each All kinds of movements can be called classic works, but the sports fun brought by the characters is still very popular among players.