Hmmsim 2 - Train Simulator APK Description

Hmmsim 2 - Train Simulator apk is a subway simulation driving game, players need to control the subway pit stop, brake at the right time to let the subway stop at the station, pick up passengers to experience the unique fun of driving, the real scene is restored to you more Good sense of substitution!

Train running in the game, pay attention to the speed can not be too slow, because there are time regulations, your limited time to reach the end, and there is a star competition, so it is still a bit difficult to say! Real mode train driving operation Driving the train experience;

Pay attention to the speed limit of the road, do not speeding; reach the terminal selected beforehand within the specified time, otherwise, you are too sorry for your passengers! Explore different tunnels to complete daily delivery tasks, send different passengers to different locations, control the driving speed reasonably, provide the best service safely and reliably, perfectly display personal driving skills, and enjoy being in the same place. Driving experience.