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Hero Siege: Pocket Edition APK Description

Hero Siege: Pocket Edition apk is a pixelated survival class siege game. At the beginning of the game, the player will select a hero by the fire. This scene is reminiscent of a similar scene in "Diablo".

In general, this game belongs to a type of survival game, the player can only stay in a small enclosed area, waiting for waves of enemies. Players need to control the character they are summoning and survive in this cage.

Randomly scattered earthenware, treasure chests and other items in the map, players need to collect gold coins to buy some props, look for keys to open the treasure chest to obtain rare weapons and abilities, and to gain experience by killing monsters to gain their unique skills.

The game sets different levels of difficulty and area. When the player kills the zone BOSS, it opens the portal of the next zone. In the map structure, the game adopts the form of random dungeon. Each time you start the game, it will produce a different area map, which greatly enhances the difficulty and playability of the game.

Although it is a pixel style, the expressiveness of the picture is not bad at all. The game uses a 3D-modeled pixel wind to present the entire area to the player through a 45-degree overhead angle. The light and dark changes of the light when the torch is burning, the swing of the branches and grasshoppers, and the lake with the shimmering light can experience the true dynamic vision even in such a seemingly rough picture quality.