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Her Story APK Description

The script of the game is not only creative, but also the story is very shocking. I really want to talk about the feelings of the plot, but such a game, I will spoiler regardless of what I say, and I really don't want to destroy everyone's experience. I can only tell you that when you finally come to the truth through your own thinking, you will find that the truth of the story is so shocking and infinitely sad. When the game is completely cleared, the identity of the person who plays the information that the player plays will also be revealed. It is also very touching.

In the game, the player actually enters the police file system and understands the beginning and end of the event by querying the information. The game simulates the effect of the computer desktop. After the player enters the game, the relevant information can be found in the file system of the computer. All the information is about the video of the policewoman in charge of the matter. The game only has a video at the beginning. After watching the video, the player expands the association according to the dialogue content in the video and enters the keyword search to unlock a new one. The video, with the increase in unlocked videos, a little bit to understand her story. Interestingly, all the videos in the game were recorded by real people, and the performer of the female host also won the best performance award of the year. It can be said that the wonderful performance of the female master made the game.