Gibbets: Bow Master APK Description

Gibbets: Bow Master android game is an archery game that saves prisoners. It sounds like a noble one, but there will always be a miss, and maybe he will shoot him when he shakes his hand.

The person hangs on the gallows, and there is a green life bar next to it, which will slowly decrease over time until the life bar runs out and the person hangs. So don't wait for the archery, you have to shoot as soon as possible.

You need to pay attention to the angle and strength when shooting an archery. If you shoot a prisoner, it will speed up his death. Sometimes the arrow can't shoot the prisoner's rope, but there are many small arrow signs around them. Shooting small arrows can also save them. There is also a situation in which the prisoner can be used to rescue the prisoner, but there will also be a small arrow sign. Don't shoot these signs. It is possible to wear the prisoner's arrows and shoot them into hedgehogs.