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Forward Assault APK Description

Forward Assault's game mode is the bomb demolition war, the team deadly fighting mode, etc. In addition, you can also use the rankings to prove your strength.

In each round, the player will receive different amounts of money based on the winning or losing of the previous round. You can purchase different weapons or equipment in each round to gain more advantage.

However, the operation of the game is similar to the first-person shooter game on other mobile devices. That is, the operation of the lens, such as moving, shooting, squatting, jumping, aiming, changing magazines, and switching, all rely on one-handed operation. If it is not habitual enough, it may affect the performance on the battlefield and be defeated by the enemy.

The rhythm of the game is very good, I believe that players who love shooting games can enjoy good fun. Of course, as the game progresses, players will also have the opportunity to unlock more guns or paintings to show off their collections on the battlefield!