Feed Me Oil 2 APK Description

Feed Me Oil 2 apk is a very new physics game, using all the props to find ways to send oil to various destinations. Based on his previous work, he maintained excellent picture quality and made great innovations in gameplay.

Super-fine 3D visual effects make the entire game screen look more intimacy. Oil also makes people feel very real. It seems that the slimy physical properties can definitely make it impossible for players to get started. The oil's various flowing conditions, the natural sense of turning after encountering obstacles made the first contact with the game Xiaobian I have a kind of amazing feeling.

After hearing the sound of the game, Xiao Bian was shocked and didn't know how to describe the style of music. The main sound string music of the wonderful sound effect, even if the long-made Xiao Bian I do not know what kind of instrument, the initial guess should be the original little known to be Zhou Dong red ukulele ultra-compact guitar, match The small fresh harmonica and clarinet give a very comfortable feeling, as if you are in the blue sky and blue sea environment, enjoy a leisurely afternoon.

The gameplay believes that the players who played the previous works should all be aware that it is necessary to drain the oil in the pipeline through various props to the mouth of the “monster”.