European War 4: Napoleon APK Description

European War 4: Napoleon apk is a game of war chess. The content of the game is very rich. The types of resources in the game are divided into three categories: money, industrial value and food. Money is used to recruit soldiers, upgrade buildings, and purchase items in specific buildings. The food is mainly consumed by the troops, and this consumption is very important, because in the event of a serious shortage of food, the troops will no longer obey the player's command because they are in a state of confusion.

The arms of the game can be roughly divided into infantry, cavalry, artillery, machine guns and five types of navy. There is a relationship between the various units in the game. Each type of unit also has its own unique capabilities, such as light infantry with the highest level of action in complex terrain, while cavalry can gain blast after destroying enemy infantry or artillery. effect.

Players need to play Napoleon, build their own French Empire through building facilities, form a team, and conquer the world through a battle. In addition to using tactics to attack enemy forces on the battlefield, they must learn to defend their territory. Through your strategy, you will subvert the history of war throughout Europe.