Earn to Die 2 APK Description

Earn to Die 2 android game is a doomsday escape game. The goal of the game is simple and clear. It is all the way forward, over obstacles and zombies, but the chariots are basically hitting. I believe many people will feel that they are hitting the zombies. The minced meat splash is a very exciting picture of the game.

In the distance is a run-down city, and the ruined buildings are more desolate in the faint sunshine. Driving through the layers of obstacles to run through the blocking zombies, sometimes there will be slow motions commonly used in movies, showing a wonderful moment, can fully satisfy the player's self-expression, sabotage and vanity, watching the car in the wood The box will rush through the thrilling time, surrounded by the body of the crushed zombie flesh and blood, is it a lonely hero?