Drone Shadow Strike APK Description

The game production is still very sophisticated, reasonable and rich content design, screen sound effect in place, easy to use without losing a certain degree of difficulty, it is learned that the game a total of 270 levels for players to challenge, rich and varied weapons can be chosen to carry, enjoy the war brought about The thrill of thrill. As the difficulty of the mission progresses, the game will be more challenging in the latter part of the game. War enthusiasts should not miss it and download the experience together.

The background sound effect in the game is quite tense and oppressive, and the atmosphere of the war is intense. The voice of the command in the walkie-talkie can be heard at all times during the execution of the mission. It has a sense of substitution. With the simulation sound effects of gun shooting and artillery bomb blasting, people can immediately integrate into the scene and feel the exciting atmosphere of war.

The shooting operation of the game is very smooth and exciting. The player controls the drone to shoot the ground target and finish the task within a specified time to get a high score evaluation.