DISTRAINT: Deluxe Edition APK Description

The style of the whole game is very gloomy, and there is a chilling feeling after watching it for a long time. The entire game process is also very short, and it can be cleared in less than two hours. It is very suitable for the usual leisure time experience, although the game ending is somewhat sultry, but it can make people feel deeply.

In some cases such a thought-provoking thing. For the sake of spiritual interests to sell your soul, there is only one body left in the body or in general, does it really make sense? The choice of the protagonist along the way seems to have no way to make people harsh. He is just a poor person who wants to improve his life and struggles in the quagmire. Although I once wanted to get rid of this kind of life, I could only succumb to money. The final ending also formed a kind of ironic "end and tail echo", and it is this ending that makes the player ponder: If in the same situation, such a choice is placed in front of me, can I make a difference?