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Defense Zone 2 HD APK Description

This is a war game, the game screen imitates the battlefield, and the realism is strong, as if it is immersive. Your ultimate goal is to destroy all the enemies you want to pass in front of you, so take advantage of all the towers.

At the beginning of the game, there will be hints of the type of enemy and the route of travel. The Army is manifested in the form of footprints, while the Air Force is in the form of an airplane. It is important to note that only the missile-type defensive tower has a defensive effect on the Air Force.

The defensive tower has a range of attacks, and different attack attributes, such as machine gun attack speed and low cost, can be used to deal with infantry in the early stage; the speed of light gun can only attack a single target; the missile launcher is powerful, but the attack The speed is slower; the lightning gun and the flamethrower are range attacks; the mortar and the cruise missile launcher have attack zones, and the surrounding circle is a blind zone that cannot be attacked, and the tower can continue to energize and fill up. After the release of the super attack, the configuration of the defensive tower requires the player to plan and match.