Crossy Road APK Description

Crossy Road apk is a casual game similar to the classic game Frog Cross. Players need to control the protagonist safely through one road after another. The operation of the game is very simple, players only need to click on the screen at the right moment to let the protagonist cross the road.

Of course, the game is just such that the player will feel very boring. So, in the game, the players added a collection of coins. These coins are not useless. They can be used to unlock new characters such as frogs, goats, puppies, zombies, pigeons, and even unicorns.

Each kind of small animal has its own unique effect. For example, the most interesting thing for a pigeon is that it will leave small white footprints on the road it walks on, and some small animals will make very rude but funny sounds. Favorite players don’t miss this fun casual game!