• Android2.3.3 and up
  • Updated to version1.2.01
  • Size28 MB
  • CategoryPuzzle
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Contre Jour APK Description

The Contre Jour apk game is completely black and white, which makes people feel very cool and beautiful.

In this game, the operation is relatively simple. The little monster itself will not move, only we let him forced a meal, for example, we drag the surface, the ground will be concave and convex. Use this angle to let the little monster move. And there are other props in the game. Let us choose and help him through anyway, let him absorb the little blue dots in the game, and finally reach the blue light position. Even if the game is passed.

The style of this game is very unique. The black and white picture quality is relatively simple. This can be seen in this game a bit dark style, but it really is very easy to play it. There will be a glimmer of blue light in the game. I think this seems to be a glimmer of hope in the dark.