Conduct THIS APK Description

We are no strangers to the train. He has a complicated compartment that can carry a considerable number of people or things to their desired end point. The train can make the distance far away. The long time to push the anime is no longer long. Many times we go to the unknown ahead by train. The train at this time is our confusion about the future, and the train will be covered with the train. We returned to our hometown, and at this time, our panicked eyes with the hustle and bustle of our hometown, we may spend a lot of time on the train, but as long as the safe return, there will be no complaints about the long road.

In the early game, we need to control two trains, then avoid the train colliding, avoid the wrong way, avoid hitting the car, etc. These problems need us to consider, so that you will start to realize that the task is not easy? After playing this game, I really understood that those sitting in the office are not so easy. Many times they need to be responsible for things that are far more complicated than we think, just like the real train dispatcher needs Considering the speed of different trains, one of the trains has failed, affecting not only the passengers on the trains, but also the many lines that will be affected, and these need these dispatchers to be responsible for the various situations. Coping methods, to avoid the trains on the same track at the same time in the same position, which requires them to calculate the time difference, it is not easy to think about it.