City Island 4 - Simulation Town: Expand the Skyline APK Description

City Island 4 - Simulation Town: Expand the Skyline android game is a very real city building simulation game, we will become a super rich, buy a ridiculous island, then plan and build on the island, build The dream city in my heart. The game screen style is very fresh, coupled with the more realistic buildings and environmental performance, let the players feel like they are in the middle of it, through their own wisdom to plan their own beautiful home.

The game is a classic analog city management theme, based on the modern city, players will build the city on a deserted island. The game uses a 2.5D picture display, and the whole is produced in a simulated real style. We will see high-rise buildings and residential houses in various cities, including roads, rivers, and so on. It is a busy city. The final effect of this work is to let the players create a unique island. The layout, planning, architecture and roads of the whole island are all created by the players themselves. The real style of the city is used to show the whole picture of the city and give the players real. "Right" experience.

Everything in the game is controlled by the players themselves, including buildings, streets, parks, canals, etc., which are placed entirely by the players themselves, where they are placed, where they are placed, allowing the player to develop creative thinking and cultivate their own Planning and building capacity. The game uses a full-screen touch operation mode. Players can choose various buildings and municipal facilities such as office buildings, streets, houses, parks, etc., and install and build them by dragging and clicking, and feel the process of planning the city.

The game provides players with four types of buildings, namely residential buildings, office buildings, municipal facilities, park recreation, etc., as well as three types of transportation roads, such as asphalt roads, leisure walkways, and canals, and different buildings. Need to be placed next to different roads for normal use. The matching relationship between buildings and roads in the game makes the players' planning process have more strict indicators, which not only increases the difficulty of planning in the whole game, but also enhances the fun of the game, only the most rigorous. The rules can create the most beautiful city.