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Causality 1.4.1 + Mod for Android

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Causality APK Description

This is a puzzle game. The background of the game takes place in outer space. A group of astronauts are accused of cracking in time. We need to control the arrival time of the astronauts. Because it is a time and space crack, we can return to some time in the past at any time and anywhere.

The advancement and reversal of time in the game is controlled by you, and you need to have all the robots reach the same channel as their color before the time axis in the world you control reaches the final value. This is complicated to say, in fact, can be understood as the number of steps, you can easily return the number of steps, but the number of steps the robot can take from the start to the end of the limit. Because time is controllable, this represents a kind of predictability, so all dangerous institutions can be used. Danger will only occur at a fixed point in time, and as long as the point is avoided, it can be used as a channel.