Ball King - Arcade Basketball APK Description

This is an arcade puzzle type game. The quality of the game is the same as that of the pixel game. There are not only challenge modes but also practice modes and timekeeping modes. The mode type does not feel very simple when playing. The game also unlocks some backgrounds, and the unlocked background effects are also enhanced.

This game will not give you too many tips, it is mainly to give you a aiming angle, the rest must rely on yourself, the ball can rebound, and is similar to real basketball. Sometimes we pull a lot of strength or small, we can't get into the ball, which requires us to practice more to get more balls.

The game is very simple to operate, we only need to adjust the direction and the power of the ball, and do not need too difficult operation, just need to gently slide the screen to complete a series of actions. I suggest that you don't play the challenge mode when you play this game, because you don't feel like you're tired of throwing it at first. You can try it before you try to challenge yourself.