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ARK: Survival Evolved APK Description

ARK: The story background in the Survival Evolved apk game is set in the protagonist to find himself in a mysterious island full of dinosaurs. In addition to hunting, resource searching, item building, planting, scientific research, investigating techniques and building houses to resist hot days, cold nights, variable weather systems, dangerous fields and potential enemies, players must also In the face of survivors played by other players, cooperation or mutual killing.

And there are dozens of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures, players can tame these huge creatures and use them to fight stronger enemies. Of course, dinosaurs are not the only dangerous creatures on the island. Other players are also organizing their own tribes, accumulating resources and experiences to build huge villages and cities, and they can continue to develop technologies to span the primitive Stone Age and enter the modern age. The electrical age, and they will continue to fight to destroy the people who threaten them.-ApKAGame.cOm

The game also has an RPG element where players can create their own characters, get items, skills and pets. Players need to form a tribe together with hundreds of other players, and then triumph in the tribal struggle and eventually discover the real purpose of the Ark.